House Names & Gilded Numerals

  • Exterior/interior
  • Gates, windows & doors
  • Gold, copper & silver leaf
  • Painted/finished in one day
  • Long lead times

Doors & Transoms, Edinburgh & Lothians

It may be easy for the postie who walks your street every weekday, but for most occasional visitors, we can never see the name or number to know whether we are looking at the odd or the even side.

Whether you house is called “sea view” or simply “number 2”, you need to identify your home in a unique way to ensure that even before guests step foot in the front door, they already have the best impression.

Thomas can paint or gild something amazing for you. Whether you want it on the glass above the transom, on the wooden door or on the stonework at the end of your driveway. Get in touch to start you project with Thomas today.

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